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We are delighted to announce that the following organisations have been shortlisted for the World Post & Parcel Awards in 2019.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Australia Post for its Social Procurement program

This initiative supports under-represented, and marginalised or indigenous communities by buying services locally. It leverages the Post’s community presence and created jobs in these communities and transfers economic benefit. It also benefits Australia Post in staff engagement, positive branding, and competitive advantage.

Omniva for its Mailbox Renewal Effort

Omniva participated in the 2018 Estonia national community day activity with a message to urge local communities to renew, refresh and improve the state of community mailboxes. Omniva provided new boxes and encouraged communities to co-locate mailboxes, thus improving image, community presence, and delivery efficiency.

Ukrposhta for its E-Export program

The initiative of the Ukraine national postal operator aimed to serve communities in economic distress by supporting local businesses through education and logistics and giving them access to international e-commerce markets. Local postal employees were incentivised to bring local micro-enterprises on board. The programme’s success saw other national entities join in support.

Cross Border Growth for its Cross Border Shipping solution

The aim of MyUS is to make U.S. products accessible to a global e-commerce buying market by effective pricing solutions and convenient warehousing and shipping. Significant effort was placed in marketing the solution to consumers in target countries, taking into account product preferences, trends, and national demographics.

ReBOUND Returns for its returns management process

This UK based company helps retailers and their customers more effectively manage the returns process. The rebound solution tracks returns, ensures refunds happen more quickly, with benefits for both buyers and sellers. By providing return logistics options in other countries, retailers felt more confident in exporting.

wnDirect for its Duty Drawback process

wnDirect targets international e-commerce by providing distribution services, engaging delivery services on behalf of e-commerce retailers. The Duty Drawback scheme targets US e-commerce exports, mainly into Europe, by making it easier for the retailer to claim back duties and taxes paid on goods that are being returned or undeliverable.

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Customer Service

Correios Brazil for its Seja Digital Operation

Correios worked with central government agencies to design an end-to-end solution involving the bulk reception of kits, transportation throughout the country and direct contact with recipients through its vast retail network in order to enable this important technology transition across one of the world’s largest countries.

Correos y Telégrafos for its Correos Sampling service

Correos’ new “Sampling” service is aimed at building a rich GDPR-compliant database of customer profiles from across Spain. It has enabled marketeers to target promotions and free samples to a qualified mass market throughout Spain through the medium of the post.

Grupa for InPost Customer Care

Through a concerted focus on customer service and emerging market trends, InPost has harnessed mobile technology and on-line functionality to deliver double-digit improvements in performance and first-time delivery through the use of intelligent web-based platforms and user interfaces

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Canada Post for its Pop-up Parcel Pickup Programme

This programme was started in scale in 2018 to cope with seasonal end of year parcel delivery surges and to make it easier for people to collect deliveries. By creating new (and temporary) Parcel Pickup locations in major urban areas, delivery services became both more efficient and customer-friendly.

Deutsche Post DHL & COSALUX for its DHL Packset App

The DHL Packset App uses augmented reality technology to help users select the appropriate packaging for their parcels. The user scans a surface, inserts the object to send into a virtual Packset, adjusts the size of the virtual Packset, optionally selects a stamp and collection service and receives the ready-to-send Packset at their doorstep in the matching size without any measuring.

Fit Things NV for its Slimbox

Slimbox uses proprietary software to drive a laser cutter and create right-sized packaging on-demand. Quiet and simple to operate, Slimbox is suitable for a wide variety of uses including retail, self-service shipping stations, offices, factories and warehouses. It is a cost-effective solution for many low-volume shipping environments including independent e-commerce fulfilment.

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On Demand Delivery

Canada Post for its Pop-up Parcel Pickup Programme

This programme was started in scale in 2018 to cope with seasonal end of year parcel delivery surges and to make it easier for people to collect deliveries. By creating new (and temporary) Parcel Pickup locations in major urban areas, delivery services became both more efficient and customer-friendly.

eBay & Paypoint for their Collect+ partnership

This collaboration between the ebay online marketplace and the PayPoint Collect+ store network throughout the UK. Buyers and sellers can use the Collect+ stores to drop off or pick up parcels. This adds flexibility to both sides of the transaction, with B2C transactions being free and delivery times reaching a national two-day standard.

Grocemania for local e-commerce

Grocemania is an online marketplace that links shoppers to find and shop from local grocery stores, with almost immediate delivery at a very low and uniform cost. The appeal is the ability for local stores to compete with national chains and increase their turnover. It also provides customers with quality and timely delivery.

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Philatelic Campaign of the Year

An Post for its Making Christmas Count campaign

An Post used an innovative approach to online marketing, targeted awareness through social media and held public participation activities in order to raise awareness of, and interest in, the annual Christmas stamp issue. In so doing, they managed to reverse a longstanding decline in the sales figures for commemorative stamps in Ireland.

Canada Post for its “thank-you” to emergency responders campaign

Canada Post were able to seize the attention of the Canadian public across the nation with a series of regional events where employees were directly involved in celebrating the role of their emergency responders in local communities.

Royal Mail for its Centenary of World War I Stamp Series

Royal Mail used cutting edge designs and commissioned leading artists to develop a series of stamps which reflected painstaking research into the testimony and bravery of those who lived through the conflict.

Postal E-Commerce

IMDA Singapore for its Locker Alliance programme

Locker Alliance has created an open-access delivery platform across Singapore that allows many marketplaces, vendors and carriers to access a single open network of lockers to facilitate the consolidation of deliveries to receipients across Singapore.

Qatar Post for its Connected Project

Qatar Post has created Connected to provide Qatari on-line shoppers with an appealing medium through which they can access e-commerce retailers overseas who don’t provide shipping options into Qatar. This has been achieved through the provision of local addresses, cost-effective consolidation of shipping and a range of delivery options within Qatar itself.

Ukrposhta for its E-Export program

Ukrposhta created and deployed a nationwide e-commerce programme which was specifically designed to support local artisans and handicraft makers. Through the development of an E-Export School, they enabled sellers who had never sold online before to access an e-commerce portal to potential buyers all over the world.

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Startup Award

PHS Logistiktechnik GmbH for the Rapid Unloader

This start-up sponsored by the Austrian Post has been researching the efficiency of unloading parcels from road transport at distribution centres. It has developed and implemented a technology that has doubled unloading productivity and halved floor space requirements by an automated system that extracts loose packed parcels in containers and inserts them into the conveyor sorting process.

Parcel Perform for its e-Commerce logistics software

Parcel Perform is a Singapore based SaaS company that provides an independent global parcel tracking service for merchants and their customers. By linking with logistics carries, both senders and receivers are kept up to date with parcel movements. This is seen as another advance in productivity and service in the e-commerce value chain.

RANlytics for its mobile network testing partnership & revenue model

This new business provides an independent testing service for the local effectiveness of mobile phone networks. It can provide dynamic and rich data analysis to help cellular networks meet performance targets. The link to the postal and logistics sector is that ground fleets, local delivery vehicles for example, can be easily fitted with the RANlytics sensors. This provides a new income stream at no marginal cost to the operator.


Escher Group for its customer engagement platform

The Escher customer-engagement platform is purpose-built technology that is transforming posts and courier operations worldwide. The company’s software powers postal kiosks, PUDO locations, postal-counter solutions, and mPOS.

Grupa for its InPost Parcel Lockers

The InPost Automated Parcel Machines (APMs) makes delivery without courier-customer interaction possible. By introducing their innovative line of Parcel Lockers, InPost has revolutionised the logistics market for e-commerce in Poland.

Posard for their unique AI algorithm

The Posard Inc algorithm autonomously routes and dispatches deliveries using past and real time data. It was designed to eliminate human error in the last mile and over time, the programme will use data to improve efficiency without human input.

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