WPPAwards 2020

2020 Winners


2020 Awards Winners

The World Post & Parcel Awards has attracted submissions from some of the biggest names in the mail and express industry. Below is the list of winners from the 2020 Virtual Awards Winners Presentation.

Corporate Social Responsibility


for their 2020-2022 Group Corporate Responsibility Plan

Judges’ Statement – The Corporate Social Responsibility award recognises significant achievements in areas of social, environmental, and ethical corporate behaviour. The judges look for real and meaningful impact as well as demonstration of a wide organisational commitment to the programme. This year’s winner has outlined ambitious public-facing commitments to create new forms of economic, social, and environmental value, and continue the development and review of key social and environmental strength across enterprise.

Cross Border Growth


for its New Electronic Model of Imports in Brazil

Judges’ Statement – The Cross Border Growth category rewards the organisation that can demonstrate a significant cross border growth in physical mail and/or in parcels. This year’s winner has facilitated the direct entry of inbound goods and allowed time consuming processes to be completed online, thereby accelerating the customs clearance process.

Customer Service


for its New Electronic Model of Imports in Brazil

Judges’ Statement – The Customer Service Award is for mail, parcels and express operators that have delivered exceptional customer service over the past year. Judges look to celebrate the organisation that can demonstrate best practice, and/or has made a significant improvement in customer service over the past year. This year’s winner has simplified a time-consuming and bureaucratic process when receiving parcels, allowing customers to receive international parcels directly at home, with no in-person obligation at a Post Office. They have facilitated the direct entry of inbound goods and allowed all processes to be completed online, bringing better and faster customs process and vast improvements for the end customer.



for its Urban Logistics platform

Judges’ Statement – The Innovation Award aims to recognise the organisation that has introduced a significant innovation to the sector, that demonstrates quantifiable benefits to its customers. This year’s winner has done just that, integrating route optimisation software with a self-learning AI algorithm which has can fully optimise logistics operations.

On Demand Delivery


for their Access Service Platform

Judges’ Statement – Delivery to today’s consumer is becoming increasingly personalised with customers able to dictate when, where and how their packages are delivered. This award focuses on that on demand process and is aimed at organisations who have re-defined the delivery process for their customers. This year’s winner has created a global platform that brokers access between home or building owners, and service providers to facilitate in-home deliveries and services.

Philatelic Campaign of the Year


for its Crypto Stamp

Judges’ Statement – This category celebrates the vibrancy and continued importance of philately. The judges look to award the postal organisation that can show tangible value from a new philatelic campaign. The winner this year has brought the future to the philatelic world, by linking each stamp produced to a digital blockchain twin. The project was marketed on social media and was a great success. The stamps could be used for both postage and as a ‘virtual’ collectible.

Postal E-Commerce


for their Omaposti App

Judges’ Statement – For the Postal E-Commerce award, the judges are interested in developments that use digital technologies to deliver value to stakeholders in the industry. This year’s winner has developed an app which provides consumers and businesses with a single, carrier agnostic platform where users can view data relating to letters documents and packages. With almost 1 million users, it is the spearhead of a quest for modern, accessible and sustainable postal services for their citizens.

Startup Award


for the First Worldwide Marketplace for Mail and Parcels

Judges’ Statement – As we all know, start-ups have become vital for postal and logistics companies in their pursuit for innovation. This year’s winner is building a worldwide virtual integrated network, which provides users with access to postal operators and carriers with just a few clicks, and are developing a one-to-one licensing system for regional and individual partners.



for its Offline Retargeting Programme

Judges’ Statement – Technology, when successful, can become a significant feature in gaining competitive advantage. The judges look for how technology has brought quantifiable benefits to its relevant stakeholders. The 2020 winner has developed an initiative that connected a small group of addresses and customers visiting a website. It satisfies strict data protection protocols while allowing direct mail marketing to potential customers.

Industry Leadership


Ken Allen, CEO of DHL eCommerce for his leadership of DHL Express

Judges’ Statement – The award, that Honeywell are delighted to be involved with singles out long-standing and significant personal achievement in the industry. This year’s winner took charge of a company that had lost $3 billion dollars in seven years and pulled them back from the brink. Under his leadership, within 10 years they reached an EBIT of more than $2 billion, taking them to the highest levels of profitability in their history. He also implemented a bespoke employee engagement programme to all 100,000 employees across 220 countries, crediting the company with a Great Place to Work award in 2017 and 2018. He established world class processes with his relentless focus on customer centricity, employee engagement and profitable growth.

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