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2018 Awards Categories

There are 9 categories to apply for in addition to the Industry Leadership Award. If you need any help with your application please contact a member of the team at [email protected]¬†or call +44 (0)1628 642910.


This Award recognises those organisations which lead by example in demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility, through implementing a structured approach to the social, environmental and ethical impacts of their strategies and business plans, also known as triple bottom line reporting. Judges will seek evidence of the expansion of directors’ duties to manage and minimise such impacts, as well as achievement through measureable results.

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Cross Border Growth

In an increasingly globalised world, and thanks to the Internet, individuals have unparalleled opportunities to communicate, and to procure goods and services, from around the world. This award will recognise those companies which can demonstrate that they have stimulated cross border growth in physical mail and/or in parcels.

Applicants can be operating in any part of the cross border value chain for physical mail or for parcels, from the creation of the physical piece or the provision of a web portal, through the development of enabling software, the management of customs issues and facilitation of returns, up to and including the actual physical delivery.

Proof of success should be provided through a mix of metrics reflecting revenue or volume growth, combined with softer measures such as testimonials from other partners in the cross border value chain of the positive impact on them of the initiative, including end customers.


Customer service involves the whole of the customer experience, including:

  • Initial customer access and purchase
  • End to end product and service delivery
  • Provision of relevant and timely information
  • After sales, responsiveness to queries and problems
  • Setting of challenging and quantifiable targets

This Award is for mail, parcels and express operators which deliver exceptional customer service, which can demonstrate best practice in this area, and/or that have made significant improvements in customer service in the past year. The judges will also expect:

  • An explanation of the metrics used to measure customer service.
  • Examples of the results actually achieved.
  • A statement on the degree and rate of improvement.

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Delivery On Demand

The receiving customer, particularly the e-commerce purchaser, is more demanding than ever before. Delivery is becoming increasingly personalised in such areas as when, where and how. Consumers look for pre-advice of delivery, the ability to determine time and location, the option to pick up their parcels from lockers, retail outlets and so on.

This award is focused on that on demand process. Applicants will be required to:

  • explain the inputs they use to help define the consumer requirements of the delivery process;
  • explain the degree to which delivery has been made flexible in such areas as time and location, and other dimensions as appropriate;
  • demonstrate the degree of that flexibility, for example what products and services offer delivery flexibility, and the way in which consumers can make their requirements known;
  • and outline the cost involved either for the sending or receiving customer.

The judges will expect to see data on how customer requirements were researched and understood; and will be looking for measures of customer satisfaction with the re-defined delivery experience.

The winner of the award will be the company that, in the overall assessment of judges, demonstrates the most consumer centric approach to creating an on demand delivery environment.

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This award category focuses on initiatives that exploit the power of the worldwide web as a communications and business medium. The judges are interested in developments that use internet technologies to deliver value to stakeholders in the industry.

Relevant activities are not just limited to public internet sites such as those to facilitate customer access or to act as e-commerce portals. They may also include, for example, the use of internet technology for inter-organisational collaboration, for e-messaging, for trading or for other commercial functions. Applicants must demonstrate:

  • What benefits are delivered to the ultimate users of the initiative(s)
  • How these benefits are quantified (with examples)
  • To what degree the functionality of the technology is capable of being utilised by the industry as a whole.

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Industry Leadership

This special Award category recognises the exemplary leadership of an individual in advancing the mail, parcels or express industry. Accomplishments honoured are likely to reflect significant innovation and/or to recognise a long and sustained record of success in fulfilling an organisation’s mission and in meeting profit targets. These achievements may have been established over a period of time, not necessarily during the preceding year.

Examples include development of novel industry partnerships, a unique commitment to customers, or exemplary management of an organisation through the optimisation of resources, bringing consequent benefit to stakeholders. Nominees must be individuals living at the time they are nominated.

Please note: nominations for the Industry Leadership Award closed on the 15th December 2017.

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Innovation for the purposes of this Award category is defined as the “successful introduction by an organisation of a significant development that is new not just to that organisation, but to the mail, parcels and express sector; and that offers customers quantifiable benefits”. Innovation of this nature could include new products and services, or new and imaginative ways of working with customers and other industry stakeholders for the benefit of the customer.

The innovation could also make existing services significantly easier to use or access. Innovations leading to cost reduction can also be included, if it can be demonstrated that the benefits are shared with the customers. The judging panel is looking to assess the validity and value of the innovation in terms of:

  • Breadth i.e. quantity of customers.
  • Depth i.e. magnitude or impact.
  • Genuine newness within the sector and potential for transferability.
  • Evidence through metrics to demonstrate that long term financial benefits are being realised.

People Management

With mail, parcels and express companies amongst the world’s largest employers, internal relationships and good people management are crucial to competitive advantage. The judges of this Award will look for examples of excellence in people management practice in areas such as change management, partnership with unions, motivation, raising performance, training and development.

They will want to see effective policies that encourage a culture of customer focus, quality and continuous improvement, whilst upholding the values of fairness and diversity. Applications must be supported by appropriate measures that show the positive impact of the people management activities highlighted in the Award submission.


This award will be made to the postal operator, or partnering supplier, that can demonstrate an innovative approach to the provision of access to services for retail customers i.e. individuals and small businesses.

This could relate to the introduction of new services or new approaches to service within the more traditional physical retail network; the provision of web based and mobile services, particularly those which allow the tailoring of services to support the needs of the individual; and the use of telephone call centres.

The key is that there is evidence of innovation in the development of the direct interface between the operator and the retail customer. The judges will be looking for evidence of improved customer service, the provision of new products and services, and how technology has been utilised to enhance the customer experience

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The successful application of technology can become a significant feature in gaining competitive advantage. This Award will be made to the organisation that can demonstrate how the implementation of technology has brought quantifiable benefits, derived, for example, from some mix of improved service quality, cost reduction or enhanced product features. The judges will be interested in the application of technology in such areas as:

  • Customer interface systems.
  • Pick up, processing and delivery.
  • Transportation.
  • Materials handling.
  • Process automation.
  • Back office and management information systems.

Applicants must provide data to demonstrate quantifiable benefits achieved by the technological application.


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The culmination of the Awards is the gala dinner, where the winners from the shortlisted entries will be announced. Held during the World Mail & Express 2018 Europe Conference, the Awards are not only at the heart of mail and express excellence, but they also provide an exciting opportunity for the industry to network and have a fantastic night of celebration.

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