Awards Categories

2021 Awards Categories

There are 9 awards categories that you can choose to submit an entry for and one nomination only category called the Industry Leadership Award. With varying focus areas for each category your best bet is to enter a category where you have concise evidence that matches the criteria.

Category criteria and entry submission requirements can be found in the Categories & Criteria guide.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Sponsored by Jersey Post Global logistics

Recognising the organisation that is leading by example through a structured approach to the social, environmental and ethical impacts of their business. It also recognises organisations that endeavour to support the general public across a wider spectrum of services e.g., supporting health services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rewarding the organisation that can demonstrate a significant cross border growth in physical mail and/or in parcels.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Sponsored by Scurri

Celebrating the organisation that can demonstrate best practice, and/or that has made a significant improvement in customer service over the past year.

INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP Sponsored by Honeywell

Recognising the individual who has shown exemplary leadership in advancing the mail, parcels or express industry. Please note this is a special nomination only category. Nominations for the Industry Leadership Award 2021 closed on 19 February 2021.

INNOVATION Sponsored by Palletways

Recognising the organisation that has introduced a significant new innovation to the sector that demonstrates quantifiable benefits to its customers.


Rewarding the organisation that can demonstrate the most customer centric approach to managing the on demand delivery process.


Rewarding the postal organisation that can demonstrate the most value delivered from their philatelic campaign in the past year.

POSTAL E-COMMERCE Sponsored by PostEurop

Rewarding the postal organisation that can demonstrate effective e-commerce facilitation through digital technologies.

STARTUP AWARD Sponsored by Pitney Bowes

Rewarding the startup that can demonstrate the most innovative product or solution with the greatest potential to disrupt the post and parcel industry.


Rewarding the organisation that can demonstrate how the implementation of technology has brought quantifiable benefits to its relevant stakeholders.

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