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Awards Honours Board

This Honours Board recognises the achievement of past winners, who have been rewarded for excellence in their field.

2019 Ukrposhta
2018 Liban Post
2017 Deutsche Post DHL Group
2016 Deutsche Post DHL Group
2015 Correos

Cross Border Growth
2019 wnDirect
2018 Correos y Telegrafos
2017 DHL eCommerce
2016 PRIME

Customer Service
2019 Correios Brazil
2018 Saudi Post
2017 Post Office
2016 InPost
2015 Deutsche Post DHL

Industry Leadership
2019 Khalil Daoud, LibanPost
2018 Francisco de Lacerda, CTT Correios de Portugal
2017 Philippe Wahl, Le Groupe La Poste
2016 Herna Verhagen, PostNL
2015 Dag Mejdell, Norway Post

2019 Deutsche Post DHL & COSALUX
2018 ZigZag
2017 AnPost
2016 LibanPost
2015 bpost

On Demand Delivery
2019 eBay & PayPoint
2018 Canada Post
2017 Arrow XL
2016 Canada Post

People Management
2018 Blue Dart Express
2017 CTT Correios de Portugal
2016 Deutsche Post DHL Group
2015 Hrvatska Posta

Retail Customer Access
2018 An Post
2017 SingPost
2016 Volvo Car Corporation
2015 SingPost

Philatelic Campaign of the Year
2019 Royal Mail

Postal e-Commerce
2019 Ukrposhta
2018 ZigZag
2017 AnPost
2016 USPS
2015 Poczta Polska

Startup Award
2019 Parcel Perform

2019 Escher Group
2018 SingPost
2017 FarEye
2016 CMC
2015 DPDGroup

2019 Awards Winners

Our Awards winners from the 2019 World Post & Parcel Awards in Dublin.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Winner: Ukrposhta for its E-Export Programme

Judges’ Statement – The Corporate Social Responsibility award recognises significant achievements in areas of social, environmental and ethical corporate behaviour. The judges look for real and meaningful impact as well as demonstration of a wide organisational commitment to the programme. The winner, selected from a strong field, was chosen for its project to reach distressed local communities and giving them access and support in international e-commerce markets. It also showed how the digital economy can flourish even in challenging economies.

Cross Border Growth

Winner: wnDirect for its Duty Drawback process

Judges’ Statement – The Cross Border Growth Award is for achievements in the area of international e-commerce. This is a recognised business growth area and one in which there is potential for all players in international logistics chains. The judges looked for impact, originality, and the potential to develop international trade. An area of focus for any international e-commerce concerns returns and a number of solutions have emerged to make this easier. But as international markets draw tighter customs and duty barriers, the judges selected as the winner a service that is at least beginning to address the problem of customs duties.

Customer Service

Winner: Correios Brazil for its Seja Digital Operation

Judges’ Statement – Today, choice is available to us at an unprecedented level. Where once we bought in brick and mortar stores near our home, today we can access retailers and merchants all over the world. In this new reality, exemplary levels of tailored customer service are essential if posts are to attract and more importantly retain their clients. This year’s winner worked with central government agencies to design an end-to-end solution involving the bulk distribution of digital TV kits. In order to enable this important technological transition, they set up a vast network of transportation links throughout one of the world’s largest countries and facilitated direct contact with recipients via its extensive retail network.


Winner: Deutsche Post DHL & COSALUX for their DHL Packset App

Judges’ Statement – This innovation brings packing parcels into the digital ages and reduces the entire measuring and shipping process to a few clicks. With the intelligent use of an augmented reality feature the winner created a mobile app that solves an everyday problem. The user scans an appropriate surface using the app, and it will precisely recognise the dimensions and find the perfect parcel size without using a measure. The user can also directly see the price, add a stamp, insurance and collection service. The DHL Packset app reached around 5 million clicks in the Apple App Store and over 300.000 installations already in the first 3 months.

On Demand Delivery

Winner: eBay & PayPoint for their Collect+ partnership

Judges’ Statement – In the On Demand Delivery Award judges were looking for technologies or business initiatives that improve the value of the last mile contributions in the supply chain between buyers and sellers, between receivers and senders. The judges looked for innovation, breadth of impact, and demonstrated commerciality. The winner was selected because it gave the parcel receiver choice at the start of the purchase process and thereby generating growth in follow-on business.

Philatelic Campaign of the Year

Winner: Royal Mail for its Centenary of World War I Stamp Series

Judges’ Statement – This is the inaugural year for the World Post & Parcel Award for Philatelic Campaign Of The Year. The judges were hugely impressed with the calibre of the many entries that were received and had great difficulty arriving at a shortlist, let alone a winner. However, after considerable thought the judges have decide to give this year’s award to a company that used cutting edge designs and commissioned leading artists to develop a series of stamps which reflected painstaking research into the testimony and bravery of those who lived through the First World War.

Postal E-Commerce

Winner: Ukrposhta for its E-Export Programme

Judges’ Statement – In a time of great technological change, being able to put buyers and sellers in touch with each other on a worldwide basis is proving to be a vital driver for the global economy. Postal E-Commerce is at the heart of this transformation. This year’s winner created and deployed a nationwide e-commerce programme which was specifically designed to support local artisans and handicraft makers. Through the development of an E-Export School, they enabled sellers who had never sold online before to access an e-commerce portal to potential buyers all over the world.

Startup Award

Winner: Parcel Perform for its e-Commerce logistics software

Judges’ Statement – As we all know, start-ups have become vital for postal and logistics companies in their pursuit for innovation. Parcel Perform provides a solution for real time tracking of parcels, vital in eCommerce. Parcel Perform solves a key market issue, has a proven track record already and responds to the needs and demands of customers, thus making it an indispensable element of today’s eCommerce ecosystem.


Winner: Escher Group for their Customer Engagement Platform

Judges’ Statement – Escher’s customer-engagement platform is purpose-built technology that is transforming posts and courier operations worldwide. The software implements a document-based peer-to-peer replicated message approach for managing and exchanging data between all (postal) points-of-engagement; monitors system-status, and facilitates communication across the network. Their technology enables posts to engage customers across all points of engagement by putting the power back in the hands of posts and couriers and focuses on an omni-channel approach that embraces digital transformation. Customers expect quick, streamlined interactions that are automated and consistent in every engagement, no matter where they are.

Industry Leadership Award

Winner: Khalil Daoud for his leadership of LibanPost

Judges’ Statement – When Khalil joined LibanPost in 2002, after the civil war, he transformed a losing outdated company into a consistently profitable one, and despite the absence of a formal addressing system and political unrest, he initiated a diversification programme, an infrastructure hauling, and significant automation and capacity building efforts. He directed their company from being a postal operator to becoming a fully-fledged service provider, offering postal services, financial, retail and public services. The company is now a trusted intermediary between citizens and several public entities. The company now counts more than 100 post office, a third of which operate up to 12 hours a day; mobile post offices; self-service kiosks; a “Home Service”; a call centre; and the largest distribution force in Lebanon.

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