2023 Awards Winners

2023 Awards Winners

The World Post & Parcel Awards has attracted submissions from some of the biggest names in the mail and express industry. Below is the list of winners announced at the 2023 World Post & Parcel Awards Gala Dinner

Best Alternative Delivery Solution


for Collaborative Logistics for Small Businesses
Brazil Post’s new logistics model offers Brazilian entrepreneurs support in warehousing, order fulfilment, packaging and distribution, simplifying day-to-day operational activities and allowing them to gain more speed in managing their business.

Best Innovation Strategy


for their POPDrop (Smart Posting Box)

Singapore Post has created a standalone, automated self-service drop-off smart posting box fitted with in-built trackability, allowing merchants and consumers to enjoy end-to-end tracking capabilities for their packages. Delivery of items from the smart posting box are made to parcel lockers, complementing the carbon efficient first-mile service with the most carbon efficient way to fulfil last-mile delivery.

Best Technology Solution


for their Correos Market, an omnichannel marketplace

Correos designed Correos Market with the aim of supporting Spanish companies, mainly in rural areas, offering them a marketing channel without commissions or other expenses, and giving them the digital tools to sell online. As a result an exclusive mobile App was created, offering consumers a constant transactional channel.

Commitment to Sustainability


for their Greening the Future of Post policy

Singapore Post recognised its responsibility to play its part for the planet, one delivery at a time. Its target is to hit Net-zero carbon (Scope 1 and 2 emission) by 2030 for operations.

SingPost’s strategy is to drive adoption of carbon efficient deliveries for a greener future of e-commerce by tackling a number of key areas. Initiatives include: strengthening their network of Pick Up and Drop off points to drive adoption of carbon efficient deliveries modes for the merchants and consumers; providing a Fully electric-powered fleet for post and parcel delivery by 2026 and providing eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for merchants to reduce waste generated from packaging.

Philatelic Campaign of the Year


for their Ukrainian Postage Stamps
On March 1, four days after the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, instead of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian modern postage stamps, Ukrposhta announced a competition for the sketch of the stamp “Russian warship, go …!”, illustrating the phrase symbolizing Ukraine’s fighting against the invaders. On March 8, the voting started in social media, in which more than 7 thousand people participated. After 43 days, on April 12, Ukrposhta issued the postage stamp with the circulation of 1,000,000 (8 times higher than the average circulation of art stamps in the past 25 years). Two days later, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the russian cruiser Moskva featured in the stamp. The next day, the demand for the stamp sky-rocketed, and Ukrposhta had to introduce restrictions of the number of stamps sold per person. Ukrposhta launched sales on its upgraded online store and domestic marketplaces and opened its official stores on Amazon and eBay. The “Russian warship, go…!” stamp became the most expensive and demanded modern postage stamp, starting a new stage of Ukrainian philately – the stage of prosperity.

Postal Evolution


for their Correos Frio project
Correos has created a transport solution with controlled temperature called Correos Frio project. The innovative solution uses refrigerated vehicles and isothermal packaging that allows to keep the cold chain of refrigerated shipments for up to 120 hours. Through IOT technology, the company is able to get real-time information on the temperature and humidity of the contents of these shipments. This allows the operator to run an alert system that keeps professionals informed of any incident during transport, allowing special protocols to be activated and minimizing risks in the distribution and storage of medicines and other controlled temperature products.

Postal Operator of the Year


In 2022, Ukrposhta showed how a postal operator can work under the conditions of war, with continuous shelling and power cuts, to develop exports when the airspace is closed in order to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs (Ukrposhta resumed export transportation a week after the start of the full-scale invasion), to implement governmental social projects of business relocation, delivery of pensions and financial aid from international organizations, delivery of humanitarian aid from abroad. It is worth noting that despite significant losses (due to the war, Ukrposhta has lost $55 million in assets), the company has not generated operating losses and Ukrposhta only suspended operations for one day on February 24.

Startup of the Year


Digicust has created a set of virtual customs robots integrated into an AI-based customs software called Digital Customs. These robots learn from customs specialists and officers to perform customs clearance. The expansion of ISC2 makes the assistive technology of customs fulfillment vitally important. With their innovation, this company is sustainably digitalizing the customs industry around the world and improving the current supply chain in speed, efficiency, and safety.

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