2018 Winners

2018 Awards Winners

The World Post & Parcel Awards has attracted submissions from some of the biggest names in the mail and express industry. Below is a list of our winners from the 2018 Awards Ceremony in London.

Corporate Social Responsibility


for its Gender Parity through the Post project

Judges’ Statement – It is impressive how many postal groups have embraced the fact that they have a natural and important role in corporate social responsibility. The winner was chosen because of a bold, courageous and meaningful project that affects many societies.

Cross Border Growth


for its Correos Tmall Store

Judges’ Statement – The winning entry showed the important role which postal organisations can play in allowing small and medium sized entries to access large international markets without having to invest in a physical overseas presence, growing their business and the overall cross border market.

Customer Service


for its Customer Service Project

Judges’ Statement – By harnessing the potential of its workforce through a holistic vision of engagement, the winner was able to achieve significant improvements to both customer and employee satisfaction results. They have also reached a 95% service level for customer service, which had been as low as 40%.

Delivery on Demand


for its Snap Ship & Snap Admail Suite of Tools

Judges’ Statement – This year’s winner of the Delivery On Demand category has created a range of innovative online suite of tools to assist its small business customer segment to access innovative shipping and marketing solutions which have been specifically designed to appeal to their needs.



for its ZigZag Global Returns Portal

Judges’ Statement – The issue of handling returns effectively is becoming increasingly important in the global e-commerce market. The winning entrant has developed a platform that makes the process easy for the end customer whilst also helping the retailer get products back into their supply chain more quickly and profitably.



for its ZigZag Global Returns Portal

Judges’ Statement – This is always one of the most popular categories and there is no shortage of new ideas emerging in the logistics industry. In overall terms however, the judges are driven by initiatives that are significant, that carry or will have weight. The judges found all the shortlisted entries worthy but selected a winner based on its solution to a global logistics challenge.


People Management


for its Blue Edge Empowering Lives Programme

Judges’ Statement – The judges selected their winner because of the impact it is having on turning around lives of impoverished and hearing disabled youths in India – educating them on employment opportunities, equipping them with relevant skill sets and enabling them to make informed choices in their lives.

Retail Customer Access


for www.addresspal.ie

Judges’ Statement -This year’s winner of the Retail Customer Access category has developed a service which allows its customers to use virtual addresses in order to facilitate inbound e-commerce. Focusing on some of the world’s premium brands, the winner has tailored its approach in order to provide access for its customers to a range of alternative delivery options. Revenue for this winner is predicted to almost double from the 2017 performance.



for its SmartPost and the Smart Post Office

Judges’ Statement – In the Technology Award judges were looking for technologies, whether hardware or software, that can generate measurable and meaningful change, whether in productivity, business processes, or business models… The winner was selected based on a vision that uses technology to link tighter operational management and better customer service.

Industry Leadership Award:


Francisco de Lacerda for his leadership of CTT Correios de Portugal

Judges’ Statement – The Industry Leadership Award for 2018 recognises Francisco de Lacerda with a remarkable history of achievement in leading CTT Correios de Portugal through a transition from simply a public service to a vibrant commercial success while still maintaining its obligations to get mail delivered on time. 

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