2024 Awards Winners

2024 Awards Winners

The World Post & Parcel Awards has attracted submissions from some of the biggest names in the mail and express industry. Below is the list of winners announced at the 2024 World Post & Parcel Awards Gala Dinner

Best Alternative Delivery Solution


for the postal and digital transformation in the Brazilian judiciary

Brazil Post’s innovated offering communication services for letter mail delivery. Through digital transformation, the new model aims to simplify government companies’ routine, especially those in the legal sector, allowing them to speed up their process of sending letters and passing activities such as printing, wrapping, labeling and posting to Correios, in an integrated/simplified way.

Best Innovation Strategy


for their CTT Smart Sorter

Smart Sorter is an innovative solution, part of CTT’s strategy, which makes it possible to manage the allocation of traffic autonomously and quickly to a given delivery network by defining rules for dividing items into sorters.

Best Technology Solution


for their Smart Mailboxes

Correos have established an IoT-enabled smart mailbox system designed to modernize and streamline postal service operations in Spain’s rural regions. Deployed in October 2022, this system uses innovative technology to ensure that mail delivery is both efficient and environmentally sustainable. Each smart mailbox is equipped with sensors that detect the presence of mail, leveraging satellite connectivity to relay information in real-time to postal service operators.

Commitment to Sustainability


for their Ecozones

In their Ecozones, there are three main areas of action – consolidate parcels in pick-up points and parcel lockers to reduce vehicle kilometers, embrace soft mobility using bike-trailers in city centres and for unavoidable kilometers, they’re replacing diesel vehicles with electric vans. They currently reach 832,000 people through their Ecozones.

Philatelic Campaign of the Year


for their Irish Country Music commemorative stamp booklet

Celebrating the deep-rooted love of Irish country music, An Post launched a commemorative stamp booklet featuring five of Ireland’s most iconic and beloved
country music stars who have captured the hearts of music fans across all generations,
Daniel O’Donnell, Philomena Begley, Cliona Hagan, Nathan Carter and the late Big Tom.

Postal Evolution


for their innovation across delivery services

In 2023, CTT underwent a transformative journey, introducing several innovative services. The Out-of-Home Delivery service expanded its Pick up Drop off (PUDO) network to over 14,000 locations across Portugal and Spain, making it the largest in Iberia. This included around 1,000 lockers in Portugal and an upcoming deployment in Spain under the brand Locky, an open network accessible to any market player. The Express Customs Clearance Service (ECCS) was launched, offering a bulk clearance service for non-EU shipments. ECCS enhanced speed and productivity, providing full traceability and shortened transit times by managing clearance and sorting simultaneously.

Postal Operator of the Year


for their ‘Divided by Borders, United by Nova Post’ initiative

Nova Post is the leading Ukrainian express delivery company. Despite operating in a warzone, they increased their network in Ukraine by 20% last year, opened 2,242 branches and installed 1,853 parcel lockers to offer 27,000 service points in over 10,000 settlements across Ukraine, even in
frontline cities.

Startup of the Year


Mole® is an industrial-grade, no maintenance remote sensor platform. Their discreet sensors stick to vehicles, receptacles, and machinery for instant onboard intelligence. Mole has a 5 year battery life, an API-happy portal, configurable data collection so customers can get their data when they need it and multi-channel connectivity which ensures that Moles can report back no matter the environment

Industry Leadership


Georg Pölzl, Chief Executive Officer of Österreichische Post (Austrian Post)

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